Thetford Electric Toilet & Left Hand / Right Hand Shower Tray


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This combination uses the popular Thetford C223CS cassette toilet along with the C223 shower tray, providing you with everything you need to get started with your bathroom/wetroom.

Electric Toilet
Thetford Toilets offer the highest level of seating comfort on the market. They feature a 12-volt electric flush, 18 litre waste holding cassette tank and 9 litre flush water tank. The space-saving bowl rotates 180 degrees on the base and locks into place by simply pressing down on the seat.

Shower Tray
The matching shower tray fits perfectly around the toilet and can be trimmed +/- 5mm to fit your installation. It is made from white thermoplastic with a gloss finish and is patterned to provide anti-slip properties. Available with the shower tray on the left or right-hand side. A left-hand side model is defined as: If you are sat on the toilet then the shower tray will be on your left and vice versa for a right-handed model.


12V Thetford Electric Toilet
Short description C223 CS 12V Thetford Electric Toilet
Toilet dimensions and capacity (h x w x d) 534 x 394 x 580 mm
Waste Holding Tank 18ltr
Tank on wheels Yes
Weight 7.2kg
Bowl material Plastic
Flushing system Electric
Type Plumbed into water system
Quality Made from lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic
Central water tank connection Electric Flushing System
Level indicator for waste-holding tank Yes
Position service door 3 Portrait or landscape
Manual Download
Thetford C223 CS Installation Manual
C223 Shower Tray
Short description The C223CS and C224CW models are compatible with this shower tray.
Material High Quality 3mm White Acrylic Capped ABS Plastic Sheet*
Left Hand Tray Dimensions 1157mm x 697mm (+/- 5mm)
Right Hand Tray Dimensions 1070mm x 700mm (+/- 5mm)Ideal for use with the 28mm Sink Waste Outlet.Please note that the tray is shallow at 40mm as the sealing lip on the toilet is only 50mm high


Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 95 × 73 × 5 cm