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Push Fit Shut Off Valve 12mm


Push Fit Shut Off Valve 12mm

Tank Fitting Assembly

Easy to use with reduced installation time

Can be used on a variety of pipe including copper pipe

No tools required

Fittings are cost effective reusable components for maximum flexibility

Hold and cold water

Corrosion free with no scale build up

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This 3/8″ shut off valve will allow you to control the amount of water flowing to your system. This item can be used with semi-rigid plastics (i.e. polypropylene, polyethylene, nylon) and soft metals (such as brass, copper or mild steel). Tubing is also compatible, although flexible tubing (Tygon? and silicone) will require soft tube supports.   This item is constructed from non-hazardous materials that meet the requirements of NSF-51, NSF-61, WRAS, ANSI and SK Zert. The fitting is supplied by an accredited manufacturer, and is commonly used in water purification, food and beverage, and pneumatic systems.   All push-fit fittings feature Super Speedfit technology, which is a durable and easy to install push-fit system suitable for both hot and cold water applications.
Short description Push Fit Shut Off Valve 12mm Material Acetal Dimensions 12mm