• Propex Malaga 13L Gas And Electric Water Heater

Propex Malaga 13L Gas And Electric Water Heater


13 Litre water storage for longer showering and washing

LPG or 230v water heating

Works on both micro switched pumping systems and pressure switching

Easy to fit and service – all controls are accessible at the rear of the unit

Tried and tested, quality product for camper vans and motor homes

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The Malaga 5E is a high capacity water storage heater with an efficient gas burner which has the additional benefit of a 750 W electric heating element. It provides a quick and efficient supply of hot water for showering and washing in campervans.

Equipped with Propex electronics for accurate digital control of the heater operation and safety functions, the Malaga 5 water heater features a 3 position switch panel for selecting either ‘gas only’ or gas and 230v’. A red L.E.D on the switch panel lets you know when the gas burner is operating and will flash a certain amount of times to indicate various fault conditions.
Short description Propex 13 L Gas And Electric Water Heater
Manufacturer Propex Malaga 5E
Tank capacity 13L
Dimensions 250mm H, 325mm W, 445mm D
Empty weight 9.3kg
Water temperature thermostat setting 70°C
Overheat thermostat setting 90°C
Tank capacity 13L
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Malaga 5 Instruction Manual
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Weight 9.3 kg
Dimensions 45 × 33 × 25 cm