Labcraft Astro Awning Light 500mm


Twice as long as a standard awning light

Perfectly angled for awning and area lighting

Quick to install; compact design

Light output is equivalent to a 10w Halogen bulb, yet uses 5 times less power

Long life, high-intensity Cree LEDs

Waterproof to IP66

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The Astro is approximately twice as long as a standard awning light, thereby increasing the spread of light along the side of a vehicle offering greater external illumination. The angled wash of light to the floor also makes it a perfect light source to illuminate work areas, shelving, lockers and much more.

Quick to install, the LED strip sits within a slim aluminum housing which conceals the fixings.

Waterproof to IP66, the PCB driver, components and LEDs are completely encased within a polycarbonate extrusion, which protects against moisture ingress.
Short description Labcraft Astro Awning Light
Length 500mm
Colour White
Size L 520mm x W 44mm x H 31mm
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Astro Manual