Fiamma A20 Water Pump Universal Expansion Tank


Highly recommended with the diaphragm pump with microswitch

This pressure buffer is added after the water pump to give a smooth, steady flow of water

Lengthens the life of the pump, stopping it from oscillating when the tap is not fully open

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TThe expansion tank eliminates the pulsating operation of the pressure switches and assists the flow of constant water at the required quantity.

It will assist in lowering the water consumption and will extend the life of both the pump and the water boiler (pre charged at 0.9 bar).

The internal pressurized diaphragm provides a smooth, surge-free flow.

The A20 can be dismantled for diaphragm operations. It is precharged at 0.9 bars (13 Psi) but it can be charged with the special valve with a normal compressor so it can be adapted to all pressure switch pumps on the market.

Supplied with fixing screws and connection fittings.

Made from food-grade safe materials  
Short description Fiamma A20 Water Pump Universal Expansion Tank
Manufacturer Fiamma
Dimensions Size 23.5 x 15 x 10 cm