Durite 12V Professional Split Charge Kit 5M


A must have for all 12V leisure battery installations

Intelligent battery monitoring to ensure no flat engine battery

Uses the vehicles alternator for charging both battery’s prioritising engine

Kit contains everything needed to complete the installation

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This Durite Professional Split Charge Kit is suitable for all vehicles including those which use smart battery charging systems. Simply connect the relay between your starter battery and the leisure battery. Charges 75Ah Leisure Batteries, right through to 220Ah Batteries.  
Short description Professional Durite Split Charge Kit Manufacturer Durite Scope of delivery This kit includes everything you need to connect up your vehicle: 1 Durite 140 Amp 12V Split Charge Relay – Voltage Sensitive 5 Meter – 16mm² PVC Red Main Power Cable Rated to 110 Amp at 12 Volt 1 Meter – 16mm² PVC Black Earth Cable 2 Meter – Split Conduit 10.1mm I/D For Protecting Cables in the Engine Bay 2 x 8mm Post Type Battery Terminals For Connecting Your Leisure Battery 2 x MTA Midi Fuse Holders 4 x MTA Midi Fuses (Includes 2 Spares) Crimp Terminals Required to Connect Your Kit Heatshrink 2:1 Ratio For Protecting Cable & Crimps 15 x Black Nylon Cable Ties 10 x Adhesive Cable Tie Fixing Bases (19mm x 19mm) including fixing Screws 2.5mm Roll Forged Drill Bit 2 x Double Sided Foam Sticky Pads (40mm x 28mm) To Use If Needed Easy to understand fitting instructions, including example wiring diagrams.