Dekaseal – Panels, Vents & Windows


Ideal for Panels, Vents & Windows

Permanently sticky – easy to dab-off


High Performance

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Dekaseal 8936 is a unique polyisobutylene-based product which guarantees a waterproof seal when used to install panels, vents and windows in campervans.

Permanently sticky, Dekaseal is non-hardening, meaning that excess sealant can be dabbed away or trimmed using a plastic blade, saving time and avoiding the risk of damage to the side panels. Long storage life of more than two years means that the contents of a cartridge can be used over a period of time.

Dekaseal 8936 is used in vehicle construction by the following manufacturers: Fendt, Carthago, Bürstner, Dethleffs, Benimar, Sunlight, Westfalia, Pössl and Globecar.

Note: Dekaseal 8936 is not an adhesive and must always be used in conjunction with mechanical fixings.
Short description Dekaseal Sealant
Material Polyisobutene (PIB) based sealant
Volume 310ml