Comet Parma Shorty Shower Tap


A modern, single-lever, chrome finished, reliable tap

Very Durable

Temperature and water flow are easily controlled

Microswitch installed.

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This Comet Parma Shorty Shower Tap is well designed and highly durable. Easy to clean and with a galvanised surface, it incorporates a jet regulator for even flow. The microswitch and cartridges can be changed from the top without removing the tap.  
Short description Comet Parma Shorty Shower Tap
Material Chrome
Outlet Trigger shower shorty with microswitch
Connection Pipe/Nylon Flexible 250 mm 1/2″ barbed hosetail
Thread/Mounting Hole 35mm
Hose Length approx 900 mm usable
Extras Retractable Hose