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4-way Stretch Campervan Lining Carpet – 2m Width x Variable Lengths


2m width, 4mm thick, variable lengths

Stretches easily for moulding around wheel arches and door frames

High-quality material used by professionals


– Free next day delivery to the UK 

– Shipped to the USA, Australia, Canada and Europe – delivered in 5-7 days

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4-way Super Stretch Campervan Lining Carpet

Lightweight, durable and easy to clean, the 4-Way Super Stretch Van Lining Carpet is specially designed to flex in all 4 directions, making it a great universal fit for vans, cars, minibuses, or camper conversions.  

Our 4-way Super Stretch Campervan Lining Carpet hugs and stretches around the vehicle contours, so the carpet will fit flush, without any wrinkles, darting or overlapping.

Colours may slightly vary from batch to batch. Width and height can vary +/-10% due to limitations of the manufacturing process.

The spray adhesive is specially formulated for use in the automotive industry. With a high-temperature resistance of up to 100°C, it provides a quick-grip film of adhesive that is strong enough to eliminate any movement in the carpet after the installation is completed – perfect for  lining ceilings and walls.  

What quantities do I need?

Note: this is a guide only, and does not take into account windows etc where you will not have coverage. 

SWB Vehicle: Roof: 2m x 3m – Walls: 2m x 5m –  Floor: 2m x 2m

MWB Vehicle: Roof: 2m x 3m – Walls: 2m x 9m – Floor: 2m x 3m

LWB Vehicle: Roof: 2m x 4m –  Walls: 2m x 10m –  Floor: 2m x 4m

LWB MAXI Vehicle: Roof: 2m x 5m   Walls: 2m x 11m   Floor: 2m x 4m

Key Specs

Key Specs

4-way Super Stretch Campervan Lining Carpet

– Thickness: 4MM 
– Made From PP PolyPropylene.
– Provides excellent thermal insulation.
– It is very easy to cut and shape during assembly.
– Does not rot or go mouldy.
– Flame resistant
– Provides excellent thermal insulation and balances the ambient temperature




carpet lining carpet lining



Lining and insulating your van is perfectly achievable with a few basic tools and a bit of know how. This assumes you have laid all relevant wiring looms, fitted the insulation and installed ply-lined walls. 

To install the carpet, first measure the required area and then cut the carpet accordingly using scissors or a stanley knife and straight edge to fit the shape.

Spray glue the carpet lining and plywood or metal van panels with a generous layer of glue. Hold the carpet in place for approx 30 seconds until the adhesive has begun to set. Finally, work the carpet into place by stretching across curves and into corners.



Q: What is 4-way stretch carpet lining?

A: Automotive carpet that stretches and recovers both width and lengthwise. This ensures that the 4-way carpet can be used to cover tricky areas such as wheel arches without the need to cut multiple joints

Q: What are the benefits of lining my van with 4-way stretch carpet?

A: The main benefit of using a 4-way stretch carpet in a campervan is its ability to mold to the contours of the van’s interior. This makes it a versatile option for covering irregular or curved surfaces. It also adds a cozy, aesthetic, and sound-dampening quality to the van interior.

Q: Do I also need to insulate my van if I am applying carpet?

A: Carpet can be applied directly to metal. However, if your budget allows, it’s recommended to insulate behind ply-lined walls before carpeting, to prevent the condensation building up and making the carpet soggy. It also helps to keep the van warm in the colder months and cooler during the summer months.

Q: How do I clean 4-way stretch carpet?

A: The carpet can be cleaned with a vacuum to remove loose dirt. For spills or stains, a damp cloth with a mild carpet cleaner should work.

Q: Where is the 4-way carpet and the trim-fix adhesive manufactured?

A: Both products are manufactured in the UK and western Europe only. This ensures that our products comply with all current safety standards and are non-toxic.

Q: Which side of the 4-way stretch lining carpet should I apply adhesive to – the rough or the smooth side?

A: Rough side. In fact you need to put spray glue on the panels and carpet. Wait a minute then start at one end stretching the carpet as you go.

Q: Can I use 4-way stretch carpet on the floor of my van?

A: While 4-way stretch carpet is often used on walls and ceilings due to its flexibility, it can also be used on the floor. However, it’s important to consider durability and cleaning, as the floor tends to see more wear and tear and dirt accumulation. You might want to consider laminate or synthetic flooring for this area.

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