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Swivel Campervan Bathroom Kit – Toilet, Shower Tray, Cabinet and Sink + External Door


Everything you need to complete your campervan bathroom

Toilet, Shower Tray, Sink and Tap, or Shower and Cabinet

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This combination includes everything you need to complete your campervan bathroom / wetroom. It uses the popular Thetford C223CS cassette toilet, C223 shower tray, Cleo Tip-Up Sink and Tap, or Shower and Cabinet. The Cleo Sink and Shower Tray come complete with 19mm waste outlets.

Electric Toilet
Thetford Toilets offer the highest level of seating comfort on the market. They feature a 12-volt electric flush and 18 litre waste holding cassette tank. The space-saving bowl rotates 180 degrees on the base and locks into place by simply pressing down on the seat. The C223 takes water from your onboard water tank.

Shower Tray
The matching shower tray fits perfectly around the toilet and can be trimmed to 940mm x 675mm to fit your installation. It is made from white thermoplastic with a gloss finish and is patterned to provide anti-slip properties. Available with the shower tray on the left or right-hand side. A left-hand side model is defined as: If you are sat on the toilet then the shower tray will be on your left and vice versa for a right-handed model.

Cassette Door A compact, standard door for Cassette Toilets. With Thetford Service Doors, you can create extra and easy access to your toilet cassette. All models are produced using high-grade, lightweight plastics, making them extremely durable.

Cleo Sink
The Cleo Tip-Up-Sink and Vanity Unit combine to form an attractive and versatile washing and storage facility and toothbrush holder. Finished in gloss white plastic, this foldaway sink is self-supporting when either up or down and the removable bowl is also very easy to clean.

Cleo Cabinet
The vanity unit is also finished in gloss white plastic, and comes complete with two sliding mirrors and a central lockable travel button. There is storage space behind the sliding mirrors as well as a small storage shelf at the base for toiletries etc.

Comet Roma single lever mixer tap with swivel spout fits neatly inside the Tip-Up Sink. The Roma single lever mixer tap has a ceramic cartridge as used in household taps to ensure long lasting valve operation.

Shower Tap
This Comet Parma Shorty Shower Tap is well designed and highly durable. Easy to clean and with a galvanised surface, it incorporates a jet regulator for even flow. The microswitch and cartridges can be changed from the top without removing the tap.

Waste Outlets
¾ (19mm waste outlet)

12V Thetford Electric Toilet
C223 CS 12V Thetford Electric Toilet
Toilet dimensions and capacity (h x w x d) 534 x 394 x 580 mm
Weight 7.2kg
18L Waste Holding Tank
Tank on wheels
Bowl material: Plastic
Flushing system: Electric
Plumbed into onboard water system
Made from lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic
Electric Flushing System
Level indicator for waste-holding tank

C223 Shower Tray:
Material High Quality 3mm White Acrylic Capped ABS Plastic Sheet*
Left Hand Tray Dimensions 1160mm x 695mm (can be trimmed to 940mm x 675mm)
Right Hand Tray Dimensions 1160mm x 695mm (can be trimmed to 940mm x 675mm)
For use with the 28mm Sink Waste Outlet.
Tray depth 40mm
Sealing lip on the toilet 50mm

Door Model 3 – White:
Watertight and UV resistant
Double seal ensures optimum insulation
Special push-button locks allow the door to be closed securely, so it can’t jump open unexpectedly or be forced open
For horizontal or vertical installation
Easy self-installation

Note: This bathroom kit does not come with the enclosure. Normally, the enclosure is bespoke fit using plywood panels and bathroom wall paneling, available from hardware stores.