C200CW manual flush Thetford Cassette Toilet Swivel Bowl


Optimal use of space

High-quality plastic for a durable, user-friendly and maintenance-friendly toilet


Powerful flushing system

Fits on any single outside wall

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C200CW Manual Flush Thetford Cassette Toilet Swivel Bowl is supplied as a toilet and cassette only. The Cassette C200 models are equipped with a toilet bowl that can revolve 90° each way on the toilet base, and can be installed as freestanding units against any outer wall of the vehicle. It’s elegant, domestic-bathroom style bowl swivels 180° on a pedestal to free up precious space after use.   Key Features – Waste-holding tank level indicator – Vent plunger for emptying without splashing – Automatic pressure release vent prevents build-up of gases in the waste holding tank – In-built emptying spout: no fiddling about with loose parts To install this toilet you may need… – Water fill door to fill the flush water tank – Cassette access door for removal of the cassette base tank for emptying.  
Model C200CW manual flush Thetford Cassette Toilet Swivel Bowl Manufacturer Thetford Model on label C200CW Dimensions 728 H x 353 W x 580 D Seat height 460mm Central water tank connection No Flushing system Manual pump Flushing water tank volume 7L Waste holding tank volume 17 litre Level indication for waste holding tank 1 indication level Net weight 7.6kg (approx)