3mm or 15 mm Vohringer Ply


2420 mm x 1215 mm

3mm or 15mm thick

Wide range of colours

Hard finish veneer

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Vohringer is a popular and versatile light-weight hard finished veneered ply board, made in Germany by Vohringer part of the V-Group. It is excellent for interior furniture in motorhomes, caravans, campervans and even horseboxes.

Vohringer board is available in two thicknesses, the 15 mm is veneered both sides and the 3 mm is veneered on one side. All Vohringer boards are hard finish veneer.

Vohringer is available in a selection of colours.

Dimensions 2440 mm x 1200 mm (Approx. 8 ft x 4 ft)
Thickness3mm or 15mm thick

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Plywood Width

15mm, 3mm