2000W Peak Power/1000 Watt Continuous Power Inverter


Enables the operation of any 230v UK standard appliance

Over & under voltage automatic cut-off with under voltage alarm

Internal short circuit cut-off & maximum wattage overload cut-off

Includes USB charging socket for phones, laptops, music players and more

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Simply plug the inverter into the 12v socket of your campervan or portable 12v power station to operate appliances such as laptops, stereos, projectors, TV’s, and DVD’s. – 2000W Peak Power/1000 Watt Continuous Power DC-AC Power Inverter Operate 230v UK standard appliances Outdoors using a 12v car battery or portable 12v (Not suitable for 24v batteries) Multiple protection features for low voltage, over voltage, overload, short circuit and over heating etc Anodized aluminium case providing durability and maximum heat dissipation with built in cooling fan
Short description 1000 Watt Power Inverter Manufacturer Streetwise Continuous Power 1000 Watt Peak Power 2000 Watt

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